Who Are We?
"Our therapists have a variety of styles and approaches."

Our mission is to provide the New York lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community an affirming therapeutic environment where one's sexual orientation is understood and supported, free from the judgment that homosexuality, bisexuality or transgender experience are pathological. All of our therapists are screened and selected by our Clinical Advisory Board for their experience, skill level, as well as their sensitivity in work with l/g/b/t issues.

Our therapists have a variety of styles and approaches. All of our therapists are l/g/b/t-affirmative and culturally competent. Because many of our therapists are l/g/b/t themselves, they bring a personal understanding of l/g/b/t issues to their work with clients. Every effort is made to match clients with therapists whose style and expertise meet the meet the needs of the client. ALGAP has therapists in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

All ALGAP therapists are eligible for reimbursement by point-of-service insurance plans. Fees for those clients who are uninsured or who have limited coverage are set on a sliding scale, based on the therapist's assessment of the client's ability to pay.

For a referral to an ALGAP therapist call 646-486-3430.

Association of Lesbian & Gay Affirmative Psychotherapists PO Box 1083Old Chelsea Station NY, NY 10113646-486-3430